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A Fresh Start and Infinite Possibilities


Life is full of new beginnings …

New jobs

New co-workers

New management

New processes

New projects

New products

New technology

New organizational structure

New budgets

New locations

New routines

New attitudes

New ideas

To some “NEW” is scary, to others it’s stimulating. At Insight Management Consulting NEW is invigorating!

For many years, President and Owner Paul McMurray was a leading associate and sought-out Master Trainer for VitalSmarts in the Baltimore Region. He has taught Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability training classes all over the world hundreds of times.

As he taught communications classes in both the public and private sector he listened to participants discuss their unique workplace situations, and recognized an opportunity to help develop high-performing trustworthy leaders and viable cultures where fully engaged employees believe what they do every day makes a difference—driving greater commitment and real business results.

Instead of sticking with the old and the familiar, Paul set his sights on doing something NEW; something with infinite possibilities that would support his mission to help individuals make positive sustainable life changes. In his quest for the next best thing, he discovered several fabulous NEW professional development programs that will enable Insight Management Consulting to help take you and your organization to a higher level of performance, productivity and profitability.

Today Insight Management Consulting is pleased to introduce you to The Culture Works and Personify Leadership, two amazing NEW organizations we’re representing nationwide.

The Culture Works

The Culture Works was founded by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, the bestselling authors of All-In: How the Best Managers Create Cultures of Belief and Drive Big Results; The Carrot Principle: How the Best Managers Use Recognition to Engage Their People, Retain Talent, and Accelerate Performance; and most recently What Motivates Me: Put Your Passions to Work.

As The Culture Works representatives, Insight Management Consulting helps companies achieve their cultural objectives and 1) engage the hearts and minds of executives, leaders, and individual contributors at all levels; 2) enable their success—measuring results and impact; and 3) energize people in a culture that can grow and thrive for years to come.

We believe leaders and employees together must take the initiative to develop a culture where people are “All In,” where they believe what they do every day makes a difference—driving higher performance, productivity and profitability.

These programs meet the demand for online learning, and can be hosted on most Learning Management Systems. They also allow Paul and his team do more of what they love: Action Planning and Consulting.

Personify Leadership

Personify Leadership is a FUN and engaging two-day, highly interactive program that provides comprehensive development for both new and seasoned leaders. Learning happens through lecture, video, small group discussion, and large group experiential exercises.

At the heart of every high-performing organization is a strong leader – someone who drives the vision, creates the company culture and knows how to call the shots in a time of crisis.

Years of research in leadership and organizational development have led us to conclude that strong leadership is not reserved for an elite few, nor is it something that requires a PhD. We believe leaders are developed using eight tools they were born with: their eyes, ears, mind, mouth, hands, feet, heart, and spine.

We will be offering open enrollments with special pricing throughout 2016 in various locations throughout the United States to allow you to test drive this exhilarating NEW program!

To us, NEW is not scary, but stimulating! We would love to learn more about your organization’s professional development goals for 2016 and see if we might be able to help you meet them with one of our NEW programs. For a FREE consultation, please contact Beth Rudy at (717) 615-3646 or Lee McCormick at (443) 845-0815.

And, suddenly you just know … it’s time to start something NEW and trust the magic of the beginning. – Meister Eckhart

About The Author

Beth Rudy is a Senior Consultant with Insight Management Consulting, an organizational and leadership development firm that focuses on communications training. She uses her passion, personality, and positive energy to influence individuals to become better communicators. She has found that being an excellent communicator has helped her gain confidence to express her thoughts more clearly, share information more effectively, and resolve conflict more respectfully. To bring a communications class to your workplace please contact Beth.