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A Fresh Start and Infinite Possibilities


Life is full of new beginnings … New jobs New co-workers New management New processes New projects New products New technology New organizational structure New budgets New locations New routines New attitudes New ideas To some “NEW” is scary, to others it’s stimulating. At Insight Management Consulting NEW is invigorating! For many years, President and Owner Paul… more

The High Cost of Workplace Drama


Did you know that unresolved workplace drama could be costing your organization millions of dollars? A large New England hospital wanted to discover what conflict cost it in one year. It hired outside analysts to do the work. The results were astonishing. In one conflict alone, involving a doctor and two nurses, the cost to the hospital… more

Becoming a Trustworthy Leader


The email from the conference director read: “Come prepared to face a challenge on the mountain. Wear jeans and sneakers.” Permanently labeled Class Klutz many years ago, I was an uncoordinated, out-of-shape, middle-aged woman about to make a fool of herself in the majestic Cheyenne Mountains of Colorado. Sheer panic set my stomach tumbling.

Get the Wax Out of Your Ear and LISTEN!


When my children were little and not listening to me I would shout, “Get the wax out of your ears and LISTEN!” Every year, about 12 million Americans head to their doctors with “impacted or excessive cerumen,” a really gross-sounding way to say they’ve got serious earwax problems. But, did you know you can scrape that gross gunk out of… more