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All leaders face the challenge of developing a compelling vision for their organization while creating an environment where employees are empowered to act, and then be held accountable, for their actions. Our methodology of assessment consulting before prescription is a major offering to assist our clients reach organizational excellence.

Included within these intervention levels are some specific Consulting Functions:

  • Strategic Planning – It is essential to spawn the direction for an organization and map out goals that will enhance its performance and accountability. Strategic Planning can consist simply of reviewing and developing short-and long-term goals, to more complex issues of creating a vision, mission and values for the organization.
  • Organizational Assessment – Many organizations struggle in achieving their goals. Often times it takes an outsider to look at the organization and examine its structure, procedures, policies, leadership and communication practices.
  • Change Management and Readiness – A significant need in most organizations is the ability to change, accept change and be prepared for change.
  • Individual and Team Coaching – Not forgetting the individual’s role within an organization, we also focus on helping the individual overcome his/her weaknesses while capitalizing on his/her strengths.

Our interventions are targeted at the individual level and/or the organizational level.