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Personify Leadership®

personifyPersonify Leadership® is a comprehensive leadership program that provides core development for existing leaders so they can eliminate career limiting behaviors and increase team performance. It is designed to be easy to apply and retain, and we wanted this to be reflected in our overall model.

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What Motivates Me®

Motivate logoFar too many people are uninformed about what would make them more successful and happier at work. That’s not good for individuals, managers, or organizations. Those who know what motivates them have found deeper meaning in their careers, find their days much more energizing and satisfying, and count their employment as one of their greatest sources of joy and pride. Furthermore, they are 150 percent happier in their personal lives.

Fun and highly experiential, the What Motivates Me online or classroom training contains expertly crafted materials that are intended to help individuals from senior leaders to employees develop the knowledge and skills to Discover, Sculpt and Empower their career.

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